scratch built screamer: half painted :D

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

hi so yeah todays post is what it says on the tin :P

and yeah its slightly obscured by the wash but its blended from grey (spine) to blue (mmiddle) to black (very tip of the wing) and the little dots are well... i dont quite know , but hey it looks cool :D


p.s. if anyone knows how to make a transition from dark blue wing to white belly look real please tell us in the comments :D


warhammer39999 said...

Is that sitting in some sort of vat of water? It's amazingly life-like. The color choices and sheen on it make it look like it's some sort of sea creature (perhaps a squid or skate?).

Very cool effect.

Fuzzbuket said...

cheers but no its called shaky-camera-itis and a super glossy table-top , there will be better photos on thursday :) and by sunday it'll be finished :D

thanks :)


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