a quick question for any golden daemon vets :P

Thursday, 11 August 2011

hiu just a quick question, say a person makes a duel scene between a GW model and a artistic interpretation of a GW model made solely of miliput, is that allowed?


p.s. the screamer is taking shape but i think a may leave out the tusks and lumps on the back?


Warflake said...

I'm not a Golden Demon Vet but that would be rather brave!

Fuzzbuket said...

well its just that the GW screamers are far too expensive , and are horrible sculpts, however the sculpt is about 1/2 way done, ill post pics soon! :)

Master Bryss said...

"All entries...must be painted Citadel miniatures, Forge World or Imperial Armour models or scratch-built models that you have sculpted yourself."

I'd go for it.

Fuzzbuket said...

cool he'll be finished soon.. ish :P

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