Wednesday, 10 August 2011

hi its that time of the week again. where i pay homage to the god of red pandas and thank his adorableness for the stupid amout of pageviews i  get from pandaists........ wiat im making no sences :P heres a vid of my house :D

awww i want one; but what do i want more :


mmmmm delish, no not the pandaS! 0_0 i was thinking about my dinner :)

hes either yawning, or going to bite my head off ;P
(as i was saying red pandas are almost 1/5 of my total traffic, and  are the most googled and viewed thing here)

thanks for reading, some greenstuff tomorrow i think :)


oh and does anyone have a clue on how to make teath for screamers in GS?


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