cahos screamer from scratch: WIP

Friday, 12 August 2011

hi :)

for one of my 2 GDUK entries is a duel between a _____ and a screamer if teezentch, sadly the GW sculpts are horrible, and expensive so i started to make my own (with a few artistic alterations!)

not flat, is going to be flying!
many innocent cocktail stickes were harmed in the making of this mouth :P

dun,un,un,unununun SPACE SHARK, SPACE SHARK DUINUNUNUNUN : oh wait some speesh mahreeen stole the name :P

as you see he also doubles as a man with a duvet cover on his head :P (see im not racist!)
more to come soon ! :P


p.s. GS IS FLIPPIN impoSSIBLE TO USE! i bought some galeforce9 and its like rock hard!


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