GK vindicar assasin.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


 today it is better assasin pic  :) like it :)

and my feelings and condolences to all who have been harmed or disrupted by the english riots, ths scum who did it should get arrested .


p.s. tired to make a screamer out of GS : failed miserabley :P


Warflake said...

Looks good, nice highlighting and really like the base.

Master Bryss said...

Completely agreed on the riot front, this sort of thing really shouldn't happen in what is supposed to be a civilised nation.

On a more light-hearted subject, the Stigdicare looks great. Makes me wish I hadn't painted mine in grey...

Fuzzbuket said...

thanks guys :)
and should i have inquisitor clarckson, flangellent hammond and sage may?

hehe sadly that probably wont happen!


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