grey knights grand master mordak FOR SALE :)

Sunday, 21 August 2011


 tonight's offer is a pro painted mordak in NMM with a few cool conversions, and the added bonus of these is that he really sticks out among your army!

now as pictures say 1000 words heres. 15000 words :)
(or in  14  words :   you me £15, pay  shipping ,get awesome mini for gaming/ display ,with 2 heads)

'imma smash you with my hammer :P
now , now fuzz don't run a humous monologue within a serious sales article.

i'm not telling you how much it is.... no that £15 sign must have randomly got in there somehow!

book detail

armor freehand

more freehand and a  glowy teleporter

hammer freehand (note it is almost perfectly mirrored on the other side!)

and it is on his shoulder too!

head option 1 ( and note the hearldry is the same as the hammer)

note the freehand trim and chest conversion!

head option 2

head option 2

size comparison ( he is roughly 1.5 times bigger than a normal marine, thanks to the base  and converisons)

cobblestones back

cobblestones front and base freehand!

so what do you get? a custom mordak that is uniqe, there is no other model quite like it, and 2 head options (can be magnatised for a extra £1)
 with great conversion work and a amazing mettalic paintjob complete with a large amount of freehand!

who is it for: you, me your husband/wife in fact anyone who would apperciate this minature as a collecters piece or for gaming. a ideal present for a warhammer fan!

so how much will it cost? only £15 and shipping!  thats about the price of a finecast character model, that isnt painted or converted! all you need to do is email me and we will discuss payment and shipping!

thankyou for reading. 


p.s. phew i didnt know you could do that much self promotion!


Anonymous said...

How much?

Fuzzbuket said...


the model is £15 +shipping (UK £1 US £3 )
(total US cost is $28.60)


Anonymous said...


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