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Friday, 19 August 2011


its cool links friday :D your source of random links from across the internets!
30 links in all so if you just want small doses book mark this page and read it over the weekend/week!
---------- video gaming----------

1) VALVE time:  releasing half life ep 3 tomorrow (apparently) IN VALVE TIME
it turns out the squat codex was released with VALVE time.

2) blizzard has opend a portal to hell in germany.

3)EXTREME post- it wars

4)some sort of armour editor for all you WOW nerds :P

5) have you every played halo 3 or a cod gmae this is for you :P that other player is needing sued :P

6) ahh cosplayers, this time its the lich king against his most devious enemy,  lvl 70 obesity wielding a  rare chicken sandwich!

7) we love guns, we love zombiez, and we love map packs. so why not this! a humorus zombie testing vid via treyarch. (NOTE: GORY, if under 18 ask parents.... who am i kidding just stick in you were born in 1984) :P



8) forge world, why oh why do you want my monies so badly: sexiest IG tank in ages!

9)  a fantastic painting artical by the team at BOLS, a purple bansheee!

10) at the Bols fourm odinsgrandson has a cool take on harlequins: monochrome with a splash of colour!

11) duke and swag has a rather interesting tutorial on making your own purity seals!

12) a rather awsome painting website, filled with tutorials!

13)  tim has some awesome black templars!

14)a super creepy necrosphinks! from chaos brushes!

15) im terrible at french but these minis: wow a stealthed remora drone and a superb lucius from the emperors children! really inspirational!

16) ron from FTW has a superb warmahordes guy!

17) again the brush brothers have a stunning new model, this time a dark eldar!

18) and from CMON
-a beautiful skeleton standard bearer!
- the most realistic dread ive ever seen, and its YELLOW!
- id give a arm and a leg to paint NMM like that ( wait but i paint with my hands, which are on arms, okay that not going to work :P)
General Geekiness!

19) and i thought i was the saddest geek blog out their, cooking: game of thrones 0_0

20) the best video game, for a long time IHMO stunning cutscenes, endless customization and repayable with 'fun' wait how did i die so quicky, everyone on here is too good multiplayer! armored core for answer.
review (note frame-rate issues are nonexistent!)

21) sam van olffen does another fantastic bit of steampunk art! ( a tad gritty not everyones cup o tea)

22) the things you were going to do this summer but didnt! (aka my whole summer!)

23) the geekiest star trek landmark in america!

24) legos: star wars time lapse, worth watching if your really bored or like legos!




flash games (face it if youve got it this far down you must have a lot of time to kill :P

26) villionus a new take on  a TD game, be the villan! great fun !

27) pokemon TD, addictave and sad.... if anyone sees you playing this wave goodbye to a non-geek life :P

28) you are a penguin and you are going to learn to fly!

29) elephant quest, like yoshis island: childish art: devilishly fun gameplay!
self promotion!
30) fuzz is selling a nicely painted sanguinary priest!


and thats it! ive wasted about 30 hours of your life :P



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