grey knight librarian WIp - now with better photos :D

Monday, 8 August 2011

hi, as i ahev ran out of white paint ive been doing more on the mordak (for sale :D)
anyways the libby has shiny updated photos :D

the intended effect for the red is on the top of the =][=


dont care: hes 'armless

dont mind him, he'll mind you- WITH LIGHTING :D

blue burny skulls!

well there ya have it now i have 2 questions for my readers :)    (answer in comments)

1) i was going to make a screamer (chaos) out of Green stuff, as a idnt like the sculpt, is this madness (or sparta :P)

2) as i have been addicted to 'armoured core:  for answer' i may buy one of these:
making it my own AC is impossible (not enough parts -_-)  but possibly converting it and giving it a custom paintjob :)

thanks for reading, and answering the question.



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