The first offer of the summer sale! a sanguinary priest! and a GKT termi WIP

Thursday, 18 August 2011

so for the summer sales's last week the first offer is...............

a nicely painted, converted and based sanguinary priest!, featured here befor (actually the first mini on this blog) he is looking for a new home and xenos to burn! eqquiped with a converted hand flamer and medical tools whats not to love :)!

only £13 and shipping great for any blood angels player!

above table top quality!

scenic urban base!

more freehand! and weathering!

blood stains!

also you didnt thik this whole post was about self promotion and great 40k minis for sale! no
tonights post is just a WIP of the final grey knight terminator. sorry for the bad photo, its impossible to take photos late at night, and with schoolwork i dont have as much 40k time :( dont worry thought i have lots planned!

whilst all the silver on the front is done, the back is still only black!

thanks for reading :)



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