red panda wednesday #3 ft BABAY RED PANDAS!!!!!!!!!one1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

hi :)
guess what day it is! my birthday? and youve got me a present, ou shouldnt have! its not my birthday :L but it feels like it why? cause its wednesday!

so hes curious about what is so specail about wednesdays?
why wednesday is when fuzz repaces geekeness with RED PANDAS!
and whats better than red pandas?
baby red pandas! and whats better than a baby red panda?
TWO baby red pandas :D awwwwwwwwww

and whats better than 2 babay red pandas? nothing :(  but the fuzz summer sale is soon to be finished, (school means less painty time). now the weeping of millions over this news is terrible, and thats why over the next few days there will be a few * ahem* 

specail offers! ( the 7000 view party sort)

firstly ebay will not be used (at first) , as it eats your money paypal is MUCH cheaper, so keep an eye out for  annoncemnts here. 

-fuzz :)


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