quick guides: converting DV to vanillar marines!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

hello :D

tonights artical is a how-to and some tips for converting DV to vanilla marines!


because i dont want my IF's to have DA markings but DV is one of the BEST GW kits out for a while :D

tonights post covers bikes, tacticals, libbies (the next one will cover termies and the captian!)

remember to NOT ASSEMBLE BEFOR CONVERSION. really easy mistake, makes like a pain.
step 1: loseley hack off makings with a scalple/knife : making sure to NOT harm any other detail (although i cant find a way to remove the backpacks logo without removing the rivits :(
one thats done spend 10 mins with a file and sand paper on smoothing out the shoulers!  not too hard, but a bit time consuming, stick a dvd on, listen to music or watch some TV (there is a new season of gary:tank commander. go watch that its brilliant :D)

bikes its removing the iconography, and carefully removing the wings and tail! (and smoothing with a file where they were!)

libby needed a arm swap! and be careful when cutting the 'bib' EDIT: remember to remove the logo from the back . i forgot -_-'

i did a head swap and added a banner top as well as replacing the feathers with a spare ctux (also be careful with the robe)

i do like this mini!

and thats it! tune in soon for a conversion guide for termies, captains and more!


p.s. ive been trying to work with the airbrush but the cold weather isnt doing much good :(


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