dark apostle finished!

Friday, 19 October 2012


tonights post is a gallery of my finished CSM dark apostle! this mini was done for fun as i eagly await a copy of dark vengance in the post  :) (so i can do more IF and this guy can lead the CSM!)

its a simple conversion of:
ork nobz arm
GKT halbard(top removed)+hand
marine legs+chest+shoulders+parchment+arm (with hand cut off for gk hand)+banner top
scourge wings
dark angel helmet
and some random bit for the back that i have no idea where it came from.

fairly simple conversion, nothing too challeneging.

front shot. by popular demand..............................
what 2 people asked . thats like a record for me :P

i do love using ork bits to convert CSM.

i do need to get better at sculpting :/

and thats it! on monday ill have a tutorial on how to do even easier scratches! and possibly i may start helping with a 3rd blog!


p.s. whilst playing planetside2 i managed to get some camo, camo is now unavalible to purchase so if you are on the EU ice server and see some guy in   a camo magrider thats probably me. its also probably me if it says FUZZbukets above it but hey!


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