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Friday, 12 October 2012

hello :D

this is just a quick mini im doing befor i do DV. so eh, yeah the wings were done like so:

white undercoat
black wash
black wash
sponge on black with a sponge!
(then grey,red, pink and a few more washes on the shin)

and a bit of freehand! i reckon ill try to do a bit more with the skull (shading? defined teeth) and the gold (think GK?)

and thats it!


p.s. ive been getting a drop in traffic :/ so eh ill paint more and you visit more,  get your family, freinds, english speaking cat called fred who wears a tutu and a tophat, and your gran to visit :D


Master Bryss said...

I'm not really sure it'll work without the Giant Evil Halo Thingy (tm). It's just too awesome a feature to not use.

Oh, and why would an English-speaking cat wear a tutu? A cane is much more dignified. Or a waistcoat. Not a pocket watch though, he'd just swipe at it all day.

Fuzzbuket said...

back in mah day evil chaplins didnt wear silly hats :P (althought i may convert one in.)

and the cat wears a tutu because in fuzz's hypothetical situations things are messed up. hypothetically you are now a cocain addicted duck with a fez and monacloe.

zweischneid said...

Kinda hard to see. You have a front-shot?

Fuzzbuket said...

yeah sure, ill have more photos up on monday :D

Master Bryss said...
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Master Bryss said...

I like that quote, Fuzz. If you go to my blog and keep refreshing the random quote at the top, you may find a surprise...

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