more dark chaplin WIP's and a rare photograph of the blogger mastr BRYSS

Monday, 15 October 2012

hello :D

tonight is a quick WIP of the 99% done dark chalpin and a rare photo of fellow blogger master bryss of

anyways heres the chappy, assembled and only needing a bit of tidying up on the wings, shoulder horn cables and small bits!

protip: giant bat wings make things hard to photo

protip2: dont do the flesh befor the wings :P
disesad arm :D

and now for the elusive photo of bryss!

yeah i should have suspected that.


have a great evening!



Master Bryss said...

Any chance of a proper front shot and an under-the-hood shot?

I really like this, and may do something similar with a spare Champion or suchlike.

Also, damn you! My secret's out! The reason I don't ever finish any of my projects is that I keep getting distracted by doctored breadcrumbs!

Fuzzbuket said...

yeah ill try to geta few more shots in the final post.

*throws breadcrumbss so bryss is distracted by fuzz's excuse*

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