fuzzbukets work in GW glasgow, and some more WIPS of a giant robot

Saturday, 2 June 2012

 thanks to bloggers timing thing you are reading this FROM THE FUTURE (ooooh)

im typeing this on a friday arfternoon


I entered  into the local gw's mini games day contest: the warp spider for single mini and the battlesuit for large mini!
im 15, and youngbloods is 14 and under so the nice chaps in the store entered me into the youngbloods instead of single mini because 'its a nice models that we wanted to have made the cut and your just above the age limit anyway' So Thanks gw glasgow :D you guys rock!

so i got 2nd place (WOOO) in large model! and i won 3rd place in youngbloods! next up golden demon! :P

anyways here is the WIP of the  giant stompy robot ^__^

im fond of theshoulder guards :D althogh it was a pain to do!

armour plates

so thats it, ive now been working on a chaingun and another arm, so quick question: should the gun be strapped to the arm (ala terminator psycannons/assault cannons) or shoulder mounted?



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