WARP SPIDER WEEK (tutorial a day)1: black carapace+web freehand

Monday, 21 May 2012

hi :D for the first tutorial of warp spider week im covering how to paint the black carapace and the spider web freehand!

also with tutorials i dislike the 'do this , then this' style and could never get the exact proportions of paint right, so i focus here on thechnique
 so what are you wating for? lets start!
youll need a white, a black , a blue and a grey. 

the photos fairly rubbish so ill explain, p
1) paint the whole carapace very dark blue, but keeping the brush strokes going up and down instead of left to right, and try to slightly wetblend the paint, so have it not quite dry when you start the next layer and once the paint is applied smooth it out a bit with a clean brush (just a little, not huge wet blends) i used about 10 layers, but anywhere between 5- 5000 should be fine
2)keep at it, but dont make it a really .. shouty and in your face blend. keep it subtle and have it at its brighetest at the arch NOT THE  TOP
3) add some highlights with a blue/white mike on the arch of the carapace. and have a highlight (the one in the photo is a bit bright, if thats the case dull it with a few dark blue glazes.
** the reason i focus on the arch is that it is where the light is brightest. this may seem odd or glaringly obvious but it really helps!
4) blue edge highlight
5) slightly lighter blue edge higlight
6) keep going but only highlighting the lower curve of each curve with progressivly lighter blues till its a light (sky) blue!

Now for the good bit, the freehand!
(from left to right, up to down)
1) dark grey dot in the middle of the carapace (or slightly off center, wich i think looks nicer!)
2) have several lines justting out from the dot in dark grey, and keep it fairly thin DO NOT make it symetrical, or have too many or too few lines, anywhere between 5-10 should be enough, and if its symetrical it looks fake
3) have a few inward curves between each line
4) have a a few layers on the line, blending it from dark grey to white, leaving a bit of each pevious layer  arounfd the edges, and have it brighter towards the center!

so are you all painting  those spiders? id love to see photos of anything that youve used this (and other) tutorials by me on or using simalar techniques! (say if you use the spiderwebs on a marine shoulder, ect)) and the photos would be featured here! :D*

*yes really i love filler content :P


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