warp spider week: dark blue armour

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

with warpspiders and minis in general a bit of contrast is always good and if you dont want a super rainbow colour scheme the best idea is a bit of dark/light so this is a tutorial (sorta) on doing armour like that!

what you do want: subtle, coulourful but not stark

we dont want him. no stark, otherwise my warp spider would ruin everything by running off with  a sister of battle...... (tehe)

the blue on this is NOT how to do it, too stark and not athetically pleasing

so the idea is to start with a REALLY dark blue and then blend up with thin blue layers, try to use a really BLUE blue, and dont be afraid to mix a little black into the mix if the layer is too strong or noticibly lighter

to enforce shadows i would add a black glaze, so here that would be in the fold in the cloth
and here is the finished carapace from yesterdays tutorial

so thats it for tonigt! tomorrows tutorial will be on the ornaments (spiderman chest plate: gloves: hat)

p.s. you may notice that the 'pincers' are unpainted, they are going to be blue but a seperate blend so i can make it smoother!


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