Red panda wednesday :D

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


panda time :D
aww :)

now its time for a rant: this was brought to my attention recently:
theres a tall tail behind this deformity :L
dear blizzard: i dislike WOW but i love diablo and Starcraft so what have you done?! why have you neutered your pandas?!  #nerdrage

and to calm you down heres another pic of a panda :D
he can see into my souls and is plotting dark, terrible AWWW ISNT HE ADORABLE :D

and thats it for tonight :D


oh and a shoutout for a good friend of mine :) its a tmb themed tumblr (think the lonley island (parody group) but from London :) their music vids are really funny :D


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