drone-ing on :P (2 drones done :D)

Tuesday, 17 April 2012


wow i must say that tau drones are possibly the best painters models gw has EVER produced, now whilst most say that  something like the emperors champion or a hero mini should get that award id like to say why drones are the best painters model!
1) lots of freehand space!
yep i love this :) for these 2 i didnt do something extravagant as to not detract from the blends/battlesuit
2) panels: panels are amazing! by leaving a black line between them your model looks instantly better or they can be used for OSL (think every necron tank)
3)simple and small: takes half a hour to paint one and are pleasing to the eye, unlike some other overcrowded models that are painful on the eye (mantic....)

so if you are ever bored or having a lack of fun painting paint a gun drone :D *you wont regret it :D
anyways onto the pics! 

so thats it for tonight :D pandas tomorrow (in which i shall rant about red pandas in WOW and spam panda photos off google :P)



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