Red panda wednesday!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

hi :D

its that time of the year month week again in which we all look at photos of pandas and realise that this WARHAMMER blogs main source of traffic is furry red mamals :D

no not the gingers   (thers a lot of them in scotland.....)

Red pandas :D

so enough gingerism and onto pandas :)

oh no whats missing?!

nooo my 300+ hours of skyrim save ..... 0_0 

meh, armoured core 5 is out in a week, wake me then :P

so thats it

and yes if you dont buy ACV you lose all your panda points (hoho you didnt know we were counting did you?!)

as ususal all credit to original image photographers

p.s. if you have panda photos you can send them here :D
p.p.s. also note how amazing it is now that ive figured out how to use post tags, VIEW only pandas without painting :L


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