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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Hi :)

i had 2 of these chaps so ive spent the past few days painting the second: who is in a nice shade of red :)
the color was achived by shading blood red with brown: i think this works better than shading with blue (purple) as it gives a more realistic colour!  also im experimenting with a really cool technique for his sword!
so less of my blathering more photos :D

when i am grandmasta i will play fasta, *

a dragon and a blank flag,,,,, more details later!

i tried the teardrop thing on the mask, it needs some more work though

Pickachu i choose you! (points sword!) 

the sword is no longer purple, its now green :D

so thats it! Now you will have noticed the blank flag! now i have decided that a huge amount of my painting motivation comes from this blog so ive decided to let you my loyal commenters choose what goes on the flag! so comment and ill pick the coolest one :D (and if there is only one comment i WILL paint your suggestion :L)**

so thats it! I hope you like the WIP dont forget to comment with your flag idea!

* a parody of  kahns song by a hillarious youtuber!
** yep im going to regret this

p.s. sorry about the lack of posting the PC corrupted itself............


Master Bryss said...

Oh come now. We all know that there is only one possible thing you can and should put on that flag.

Bryss demands a red panda.

Fuzzbuket said...

:D and due to the inexhasutable amount of comments i think we have a winner :L

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