Read autarch WIP: now with 100% more purple missles :)

Monday, 26 March 2012

yep you read that right i have painted the missle launcher purple :D

why? well i didnt want metallics: too generic and out of place
i didnt want bone:  too hard and out of place
and i didnt want black! why the pesants would think me a lazy painter!

so purple :D and im rather fond of it :D

wow look at that hand, the detailing and blends on it are......... wait-a-sec thats my hand :P

ive run out of purple wash! so the gold isnt quite finished :)

so thats it for tonight! 

-fuzz :)

also game didnt stock ACV, they deserved to go out of buisness :P 
p.s. seriously though if that did make you or a relative of yours redundant you have my sympathies :)


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