more autarch pics

Friday, 10 February 2012

hi :)
tonights quick WIP is  of the autarch again!
as regular readers will know my camera cable is broken so i have been at a loss of content recently, however i now can use my phone for reasonable quality pics!   the colours are a tad more washed out but the focaus is slightly better!

notquite so rainbow anymore :P
the gems and failcast faceplate need some work though!

ahah the lightbulb setting!

i used the same base colour for both feather types, i think i may re-do this as the base of the feathers blend together!

and the backpack fell off :(

so thats it for tonight!

(also what was changed between the last WIP is: 
model glued together
faceplate re-done
gems touched up
wings bule finished :D)

thanks for reading! 



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