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Monday, 13 February 2012

 I was going to post some more 40k WIPs but then i realized that another gemstone and a few glazes arnt all that interesting, and that you would enjoy this MUCH more instead :)     (2 have explosions. 1 is adorable and one had me falling off my chair due to hilarity!)

all credit to the original source

so lets start off with a film trailer that looks like its for my sort of films (guns, spaceships and beautiful women, whats not to love :D)

BOOM pew pew pew , where was i? oh right! i think the films called lockout and will be out soon!

next up are 3 aMAZING videos, which put the trailer to shame.
however the 1st one is rather.... grim so ill put that first, then ill have the 2 more lighthearted vidieos

RUSSIAN substation explosion caught on  video
I HAVE PUT A LINK instead of the footage.
i dont know if anyone was died, or was seriously hurt but that video was deeply moving for me.


Now onto something a tad more lighthearted, to cheer you up after the previous video (
A time lapse of a tortoise eating his dinner, accompanied by some rather epic music :P 
a great way to cheer up your evening!



And now for something even more epic: that skyrim fans will roll on the floor with laughter and anyone else will be in stitches!

the most epic skyrim mod: EVAAAAAA


so thats it for tonight :) i hope you had as interesting and fun  a evening as me watching them :)



Porky said...

That second was pretty cool. Those guys really need to eat to get through hibernation. But he left plenty - I'd have cleared the slab.

Fuzzbuket said...

okay can you send us a stop motion of you eating lettuce then going into hibernation :P hehe


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