top 10.;.. worst memes of the year!

Monday, 19 December 2011

yep we all love memes from ragecomics to mUdKIpZ

but what are the 10 most annoying ones?

10: female versions
(limnk instead of photo) (not suitable for younger readers.)

DAMN you faould bachelor frog is mildy amusing but  do we need a whole new set of macros for 3  periord jokes?!


NOPE;not funny/

funny once, not funny weeks later
8:thats a nice X you have there ssssssss
oh why yes it is, it is well bling and swag.

that would be funny: if i was talking about a giant papaer castle instead of the best way to deep fry a internets on a non-minecraft discussion!
nope it stands for t-rex

??? but couldnt we find a better way to explain things?
pro dude, i could never imagaine lying on a wall like that

im all for pro planking, but lying on the sofa dosnt count!
5:x grab my y
no,no i wont
(too scared of what came up in google images to insert image!)
can be well done, but sometimes i dont want to hear about solid snakes relationship problems with mario.
wheres wally?

dear hipsters: the wall st people have money because they work and dont whinge at everything. -_-
2; arrow in the knee
then you took a arrow to the face

once , funny. everywhere on everything; not funny at all.
1: ponies

unless you are a 5 yr old little girl talking about ponies everywhere makes you look like a dadgy pedo. nuff said.

haha!  top 10 memes soon and more actual 40k


the 40k will be stricly limited to a the PHDGTM and a elfdar!  until i can find a way to warm up the spraypaint!


Anonymous said...

true they suck

Fuzzbuket said...

yep and thats why there the 10 worst :P

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