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Monday, 19 December 2011

hi :)

for the next few days im going to do a few top 10's just because :D

so tonights top 10 is VIDEO GAMES,

so ,,,,,,,,

number 10 is.

10) dark souls:

in todays world of 'easy' multiplayer video games  this is a rare beast, a mostly single player game thats harder than [insert poorly made joke here]   a insanlely hard game, and if you dont brake the TV by throwing the controller at it you may find yourself enjoying one of the best games of the year!

9) Global agenda!

a largely unoticed game, when released as at release it was little more than a TF2 clone however thanks to a steady stream of updates it is now a fantastic MMOFPSF2P game :D or in simple terms its a fully online multiplayer experiance with everything from solid online matches to a lengthy solol campaign!

8) killzone 3

whilst killzone 2 was possibly the most limited pallet game of all time (soely grey, grey and a hint of orange eyes) killzone 3 has the solid shooter mechanics with a new colour pallett of everything from alien jungle to a gigantic spacedship battle and more veichals than you can shake a heavy machine gun at , as well as a great online mode whats not to love :D

7)  superme commander: forged alliance.

whilst the sequal is more of a noob friendly game the original game and its expansion  are on a much larger scale. and with a simple control interface all that means is ....lots of explosions! a good solo campaign coupled with the fact that everybody loves having 750 nukes launched in thier face make theis tremedously fun

and the fact that there is several tanks that are  the size of a city! :D

6)  armoured core: for answer.

this game may not be everybodys cup of tea, with the impossibly hard online mode (silleh japanese :P) multi-ending campaign, and varying diffficulty level make this game good! the fact that there is over 200 parts to build your giant robot, that you fight walking cities and the fact that sometiems there is more missles than screen space make this game great! and the fact that my robot can be bright yellow and pink with penguins all over it makes it fantastic!


everybodys fave warhammer shooter  (lets forget about firewarrior)!
you can kerbstomp grots and fight blight drones. enough said!
(and ive still not beaten the final boss, im not turning down the difficulty and ive lost the hammer):   )

4) skyrim

dragons, customization and the ability to nick the clothes off people backs make this game enjoyable, spamming chese wheels down hill and putting buckets on everyones head make it fun! im sorry  i cant give a fuller review but everyone who has the game atm still hasnt turned away from the screen!


it started out as  a tiny indie project: now its one of the best and most played pc games! the concept is simple: find blocks -> mine blocks -> build a house - > kill enemies.   and nothing deteres players from building scale replicas of things (from the starship enterpries to a whole city!)

2)  modern warfare 3

i hear you cry " its the same as the other ones" and " its destroying gaming" frankly i dont care, the fact that its moddable, has a zombies mode without zombies, has a great solo campaign and more content than most other games and the ability for me to run round, not give a fudge and shoot people with a gold gun with 2 scops  make it perfect mindless fun!


portal 2
where do i start. memorable charecters, uniquie gameplay, hilarious humor, challenging gameplay and the inclusion of cake make this possibly the best game of the year! also it contains half life 3 clues! also you now think with portals.

you will never think the same way again!

-fuzz :D


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