MERRY CHRistmas!

Sunday, 25 December 2011

ho ho ho

santa fuzz here typing from the past! and im here with some christmas goodies!

all i want for chistmas is you. a ferrari tom .kirby;s head.  a bazillion quid. a blogger twisty thing!

this as as festive as it gets!

quiz time! who is under the hat/decorations/glasses!

prize is a warm snugly feeling on the   inside and possibly a shout-out to on here to your blog! 2 shoutouts avaliable:
his name:
who he is:

merry christmas and stop going on the internets and go outside!  build a snowman, snowball your neighbor, watch the queens speach or do some painting! at least  go on a better article than this one?


still here!?
well then:
im so fresH!


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