Dark eldar scourge! pro photos!

Saturday, 24 December 2011


heres a dark eldar scourge with AMAZING photos :D :L
its a simple conversion inspired by a warhammer fantasy mini!

and  a BIG thanks to the staff at GW glasgow for teaching me how to be a better painter!

so heres the photos!

he has eyebrows :D( and its a emmm traditional dark eldar umm traditdition and obviously not due to my mental painting skills :P)

hi five :D
(jump due do leik 50 zillion imiages!)

dear blogger: add a twisty button!

3 eyes --_-

a nightmare to transport!

he uses at least 3/123 bottles of hair gel made from the finest purple alien blood

*fiddles with the camera*

protip: the whip is actually grey/white highlighted then given a purple wash!

moar purple was added here!

note the mottled texture on the wing! took quite a while to do !

and on the back the wing is belended!

we all love pappy nugwle :D *squee*

snow shoes :)

(google eyeball by true tiger for more of this amazing dubstep)

all nurgles need 3 eyes, not 1, not 2 , not 4 but 3 EYES! (note 9, 18,25.4 and 2300 are also acceptablr!)

plinth totally not made out a cocktailstick box!

*head and neck exercises DvD on sale now!)

some nasty man with a flashligt tried to take his wing off!?

and thats him!

merry christams eve :D



Frontline Gamer said...

To rotate images just open them in paint or some such image software, rotate their and save. Hey presto, properly rotated images. Merry Christmas!!!

Fuzzbuket said...

thankyou :)and i hope you had a nice christmas :)

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