eldar anti-cron list: now in doodly IRL format :D (or why i hate army builder)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

hi :)

when i make a army list i almost always make a physical copy, and with pen paper and calculaor. now i hear you cry:

"fuzz why dont you use army builder or a PC"

why? well theres a few reasons: firstly it looks soooooo much nicer in my oppinion , secondly because it stops my writing/maths deteriorating (see if i dont use these skills they fade away :L). it also shows that you put effort into making the list nice, rather than bashing it out in MSword for 2 mins.

finially because i find doodleing in the margins fun :D

so here it is :)


p.s. jeremy clarckson is a legend! more on that 2morrow :)


Master Bryss said...

Completely agree with you in the paper list format. I subtract from the points value just to make me think harder.

Also, according to the BBC the count has reached 21,000. Well done that man. I'd celebrate by buying the sat-nav, but the BBC banned it...sadface.

Fuzzbuket said...

wait you cant buy the jermey clarckson satnav anymore 0_0 well i supopse ill just have to kidnap him and cellotape him to the windscreen :L

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