final WIPS of the scourge

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

yep the FINAL WIP's of the scourge! hes almost finished and makes all my painting stuff look terrible in comparison (par the half done death guard medic)

so here are the WIPS's :D

nurgle skull :D

i whip my whip back and fourth

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nurgle rocks? (or does he rock?)

HI- 5 (or is it 6? does the bit that comes out his wrist count/ :P)

it is lonnnngggggggggg

ya put your left foot in :P

your left foot out, you do the hockey pokey and you turn around
 thats what its all about!
seriously that is a secretarian song about the catholic curch, but lets just think of it as a harmless nursery rime, (no offence meant)

-fuzz :)


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