new warhammer fantasy monsters! (with adorable big squig/ beastmen giants!)

Monday, 21 November 2011


as i dont have any meaningful content as the new call of duty is wayy too fun heres some leaked photos of the new WHFB monsters

today is was on BOLS and saw the pics of the warhammer monsters so i thought  (because they are really nice minis) that id post them here:      (shamelessly ripped out of eldargals post on BOLS )

raaaah i has a giant cowbell raaaaah

look at the bird skull on its waist, think how big a bird that must have come from :L("yer mum" hur hur hur *scottish joke)
its like a puppy :D but its scaly, and spiky.... and looks like its come out of dark souls :L

and the original thread!

so thats it for tonight :)


p.s. ive written up a eldar list to foil these sneaky necrons..... now all i need is a LOT of spare time and a game of vassal :)


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