fuzzy's anti-necron eldar list V1 (1750)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


bear in mind im not a gamer at heart, however when reading over the obligitary 'nercons are sooo OP my cheese tastic list wont win again' posts i was thinking about the strengths/ weaknesses of the crons:

- mobile fire support (destroyers, flyers and the support barge) means that they can get the big guns where they count.
- lots of powerful guns: self explanetory
- powerful CC: with triarch praterions possibly more powerful that THSS termi's and the volume  of attacks generated by  flayed ones means that crons can hold thier own in CC
- powerful charecters.
-amazing anti-tank.

-transport: with the only transports being expensive, and the  main APC being more useful as support rather than transport means that they are not as mobile as armies such as IG or DE.
- all round CC. whilst hero's and  CC units excel at CC, the other units, such as warriors and immortals are not as good as others.
-combat speed: typically low I

so a large  mobile army with enough anti-tank to bust those expensive tanks, as well as a solid core to hold objectives?
I always have wanted  to make some of the less used eldar units  viable: and to make a non cheesy and unique list.

heres the eldars, built around a core of warp spiders and  a small heavy group of wraith-constructs.

HQ -autarch (jump generator, mandiblasters, power weapon and a fusion gun)- 125pts
HQ- farseer (mindwar, fortune, eldritch storm, spirit stones) - 125pts
ELITES-3 wraith-guards- 105pts
TROOP-3 jetbikes (1 shuriken cannon) -72pts
TROOP-3 jetbikes (1 shuriken cannon) -72pts
TROOP- 10 strorm guardians ( 2 fusion guns)-  92pts
TROOP- 10 guardians and a warlock(eldar missile launcer) -125pts
FAST-10 warp spiders (exarch, surprise assault, power-blades, dual spinners)- 257pts
FAST-10 warp spiders (exarch, surprise assault,power-blades, dual spinners  )- 257pts
FAST-10 warp spiders (exarch, surprise assault,power-blades,dual spinners)- 257pts
HEAVY- Wraith-lord (wraithsword, eldar missile launcher) - 125pts
HEAVY - Wraith-lord (scatter laser, eldar missile launcher) - 135pts
TOTAL = 1747pts

tactics after the jump!

so the game plan? have 3 main 'battlegroups'
- the wraithcore:
the sword-wraithlord,farseer, wraithguard and storm guardians march up the field either going for the middle objective or for taking the brunt of the attack of the foot necron troops, as well as tank hunting.
-the fast and the furious: the spiders , autarch, and bikes. With the bikes harassing and taking objectives as well as supporting the spiders. the spiders on the other hand will be used to hammer the enemy, 66S6 shots should make short work of any blobs, elite squads or even tanks. and with everything in the cron list having at  least AV11 at one point they should be able to take down anything...... par monoliths.
-the home base: the guardians and shooty wraithlord: SPESHUL TACTICS: SHOOT DONT DIE.

and personal tactics: use the EXTREME mobility of the spiders  to get in range, shoot get out of range of the crons, popping in and out of cover to minimize damage, and using powerblades and numbers as well as high initiative to kill characters, elite shooty units and  units that have already been thinned down by shooting
-same with the bikes: remember eldar jetbikes can move 6' in the assault phase
-be ballsy. dont be scared of the dangerous assualt jump with spiders, if its been thinned down combi charge with the wraith-core.
-if the enemy has a large expensive shooty unit: (devestators, basilisks,the cron death cannon) dont be afraid to make the autarch go solo deep-strike and use the meltagun, powersword and mandiblasters to smash it open, also if your lucky it will also wreck your opponents plans and a turn of shooting..
-mindwarFTW. thekingesslar's blog exemplifies how awsome this power is.
-swamp them: as ive spent no points at all on these silly tanks (and with the oponnet hopefully spending a lot on scarabs) I have the points to spend fancy infantry, like the spiders :D

watch out for monoliths though, you'll have to be very lucky with missiles or ignore it until everything else is dead. but unless you want to spam bright-lances thats your only option.

thoughts, improvments and ideas, all are welcome in  the comments :D


p.s. at the weekend i may try this out on vassal, if i do ill post a batrep.
p.p.s. ive been pondering whether ap-piercing spinneret rifles or dual spinners?


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