pre hersy death guard terminator medic: wip

Monday, 24 October 2011

NOTE : if you are from zetaboard, TKE or anyone else who is participating in the fun game of 'seal cub bashing'  trying to look at my fluffy ideas for GK rules in a competitive manner you can stop the hating or f*** off. im having a terrible week and your just being douches over the internet.

hi :)

more wips of this happy chappy!

im going for a more weathered and  john blanche feel for this guy, a bit darker and realistic too*
so onto the pics!

4 medic company!


4 medic company

glowy things!
as im trying to make it realistic should i do a lot of freehand or just battle damage?
also do you think a red cross would look out of place as the apothecary  symbol just looks like  a 8?

comments appreciated :D


* yes i said john blanche and realistic in the same sentance! 0_0


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