fuzzzbukets finecast experince (ooooooh)

Friday, 21 October 2011


i was in the local GW today painting, (and i must say the staff were very helpful in helping me improve! :D) and decided i needed a model to play about with freehand! so i impulse bought a autarch.

autarch #1
arfter opening him up i noticed that there was a hole in the base, a freindly staffer and some liquid GS fixed that!

then i noticed that there was only 1/2 a shoulder pad. so the manager comes over and arfter a quick inspection gives me another autarch for free :D

autarch #2's massive shoulder (how many protien shakes does he have ? :L) 
his beard of fail and twisted hat!

well off to the land of scalpels and milliput


NO im not sliting my wrists you silly emo's :P


p.s. GREAT TRADEGDY! my hairdresser  said she'd take 1/2 a inch off my bucket of fuzz (mini afro!) but she, she,................

shaved the bloomin sides and cut it shorter than those short shorts -__-


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