red panda wednesday: I IZ FAMUS!

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

hi :D

so tonight i should be painting but im pandaring to all your panda needs but first a announcemnt!

I IZ FAMUS  google red panda , now as well as noticeing that ive nicked all these miages note that i am the 9th image :D


anyways back to pandas (nd if you have a pet panda i will adopt it just find me at gDUK :D)

i was thirsty but now ive found 2L of ginger beer/ cherryade at asda for 50p :D  (yaas scool lunch FTW)

i was hiding in the corner, then i found ,,,,,,, JEREMY KYLE (go youtube your night away, SCUM :P)

i was cold and................ im still cold :P but how cute /\ is that! :D



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