yeah im lazy: new posting schedule

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

sadly i cant post at night too often: im on holiday so because of reasons (parents, civV, portal (1+2) and the internet) i may start posting in the mornings.... wait i watch american dad in the mornings :P so updates may happen at the arfternoon, so yeah the usual by 11 daily post is not working in with my lazy holidays!

luckily i do stuff on wednesdays so red pandas are at the usual time :P


p.s. even though my blogging is lazy im doing atm
pics for the commissions page
a cool  eldar in quartered colors
possibly more vulture
a winter vindicare
a GK libby
GK terminators

and more! :D

p.p.s armored core for answer is awesome! grape juice and elderflower cordial is awesome too :D



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