grey knights: 4 bases

Sunday, 10 July 2011

hi. again :)

when i was refurbishing my old GKT i realized i couldn't do the city bases, so it had to be snowy! but as all bases must be interesting a few bit of plasticard and some paint later you have the remnants of the heretical city on the bases! (note they need fakesnowed!)

evil daemon face (inspired by massivevoodo) hertical star and eirre teezench

awww its like  a puppy

the star needs some work

skull (inspired by dec greci) and teezench shilloet

adds some contrast to the mini

4rt  base: slannesh marine (note one of the sponge splodges looks like a eye of horus: the dark gods like my painting :P)

and with mini
so there you have it, freehand bases! :)



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