tutorial tuesdays: apocalypse missle scratchbuild!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

hi :)

this morning i was bored, very bored so i decided to scratchbbuild something.... what i built?: a giant missle launcher!

parts needed:
x2 .22 ammunition boxes(50 rounds)   (or anything with a simmilar resemblence) and lids ( i suppose (paired) valk rocket pods or any large guns would work)

x1 imperial statue thingy (see pic)

x1 cities of death light (see pic)

lots of bitz to grimdark it!

a base/stand (i usesd a trimmed down pizza box stand, ya' know the triangle things)

lots of super glue :)

note only 1/2 of these bitz were used

1)  there is a small piece sticikng out of the side of the statue, cut it off and file it down so the sides are symetrical
 2) cover up the rear of the ammo box, i used the lid
3)file down the sides of the light's bracket until it fits in the slot at the top of the statue
4) glue the light in the slot
5) glue both boxes to  the statue, note that the statues sides are not flat, but triangles ? :) you can either file it flat or have the missles pointing slightly outwards
6) glue on lots of 40k bits and remove the tab at the bottom of the statue
8) paint + profit! :)
optional:  it looks like a really cool whirlwind if you put it on top of a rhino!

as pics tell 1000 words: ...

front view 
rear view
coming up soon: 
red panda wednesday
my fave conversion
a libby
more knights



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