red panda wednesday #2

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

hi again

its wednesday so that means........ my inner red panda will take over this blog! embrace your inner panda and donate £30000000000000 to redpandaism:  a new religion for pandas that arnt actually pandas!

pics arfter the jump!

hi five!

i think ill snooze now!

but whist snoozing...

he was rugby tackled (american football is the closest thing in the US) by another panda


more next week! :) 


Master Bryss said...

Having seen these blessed animals up close twice, seeing these refreshes my fond memories of observing their sheer cuteness in captivity. It also helps that these pics are a lot clearer to mine, where a cursed evil thing known to Earthlings as a 'tree' got in the way of the shot.

They also take my mind off real pandas, which bring up sad memories of a person for me. Thank you for this genius idea and hope the poor tackled one gets his revenge!

Fuzzbuket said...

dont worry next weeks red panda wednesday features photos taken by me and his revenge :)

thanks for reading! :)


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