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Friday, 10 June 2011

hello again! lets see waht the interwebz has to offer :D

NINJA'D) all you ever needed to know about ninjas ( okay you never can have too much ninja but still) from the  angry lurker:

1)a awsome leith form rant in E minor: a stunning face!

2)a cool howling griffin by 'for holy terra'

3)px 40k has found a rather cool pair of vids from the mcveys (one of the first  eavy metals and accalimed sculptrors)

4) for holy terra  has a cool razorback (with a plasma canoon !?)

5)new hobbyists have a natural ability for horrible ork conversions: luckily the leadhaed isnt new and has a fantastic ork warbuggy conversion!

6)some awsome GK from the 40k hobby blog

7)  minecraft: single player (inf. resources and no enemies) free, FREE

8)who dosnt love big robots, so watch this (from kotaku)


10) WOW tiberius888 found this LOOK LOOK LOOK! FW WARHOUNDS BACK IN PRODUCTION! ( but out of stock :(  is it rumors or is it to go with the OOP FW models listd for $9999?)

p.s. as i am a attention seeking, egotistical maniac     wantong to promote this blog and others i applied to BOLS blogroll a while back, sadly as i am a spoon i forgot to include the blog adress, but in a later post i added it.

2 months later still no reply, i applied again last week, and i now think the BOLS has 'dinged'* me

* scottish for leaving someone alone/ignoring them and walking away:


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