blast from the past: fuzzys first model that was seriously painted!

Thursday, 9 June 2011

when i started warhammer it was all about getting you army done ASAP making them look pretty was good but having lots of guys was better :P

rawr :P hey he isnt as bad as some (aka my very first model :P)

dreadnought that i got for my birthday one year... as it was such a fancy kit i spent a LONG time on it :P
sadlythe same couldnt be said for the GK dread that was done in a arfternoon :D
i was so pleased he went up on cmon getting a modest 6.? ( i will put the link up soon )

thanks for reading, tommorow is *CENSORED BY THE ORDOS MUSICA* and arfter that is weekend painty time :D

p.s. thankyou to wolves for the wolf god: you have manged to double my pageviews :D


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