power armour GK #1 75%complete!

Sunday, 22 May 2011

i have finialy started my power armoured squad!
well here he is the product of a hard sundays work painty time ! :P

yes the chest piece needs work

and whilst the chest despratly needs work... foucus instead on the shiny halbard.. oooh shiny!

i like my bolters in beltfeed flavour!

oh and some of you who arnt blind old twits  have keen eyesight may notice the lack of backpack, never fear it is painted , its just not stuck on :P 

so there you have it, terrible NMM, bad spelling and a shiny halbard!!!


comments appreciated ( especialy on the subject of doing NMM on really small areas!)


Warflake said...

It might need a little work but I really like the blade mate, great job.

Fuzzbuket said...

thankyou! soon ill post him finished. sadly by the time ive finished the 5th metal dudesman the first ones paintjob will look shabby compared to him!

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