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Friday, 20 May 2011

hello, so  today i will bing across the cool (and slightly geeky) things i have found on the internet over the past week

1) a wartime film made to convince americans of the art of long range bombing, shown to roosavelt by chrurchill (yAY) ... made by..... disney!

2) a matchstcik model of minas tirith... truly fantastic!

3) the best resin minitures out for a while.. dynamic, unique  dual pistols and retro: the forgeworld MKV assualt marines

4) a fantastic succubus  by the brush brothers: realistic and gritty yet unmistably feminine and eldarinsh!

5) a utterly terryfing  and beatufiul chaos lord by Karol Rudyk over at CMON

6) a fantastic look at jes goodwins designs of the new dark eldar. (over at GW)

7)a great painting tutorial of danguinary guard over at 122nd cadian

8)for those of you out there whom play starcraft this will prove very helpful:

9)kalamity.. the models are more expesnive than even forgeworld! however they are very,very pretty!

10) ?????

thanks for reading!



Warflake said...

My night is planned out haha. Thanks.

Fuzzbuket said...

no problem!

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