Monday, 2 May 2011

yes i haev done more painting (force sword+ 1/3 of the hammer as well as the reds and blacks) however i cannot upload photos: why you asK? well there is a battle rageing on my desk 0_0

yes i really do get bored ... its about as bad as the time i did...

theres also this ... a year old 

nope i still had to do the maths homework  :(

oh bin laden is dead.



Master Bryss said...

Oh, don't worry....could be worse. You could have added speech bubbles. I've done this several times.

I do a lot of ridiculous campaigns too, the last one finished by the player having a game of golf with Tzeentch for the fate of the universe.

Fuzzbuket said...

hmm i may now have to add speech bubbles :P

and teezench golf sound fun :P using you 4okgolf ruels? .... wait why would any army play golf with teezench? :P !

Master Bryss said...

Using those rules, but when you got on the green you had to take a real putter and hit a ball in a cup with terrain in the way.

Why would you golf with Tzeentch? Probably because if you refuse he'll turn your nose into a tentacle.

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