tutorial time! : (really cheap) urban bases

Saturday, 30 April 2011


today I am doing a tutorial on the worlds  cheapest urban bases: 2d!
 so... let us begim

1) paint base dark grey ( chaos black:codex grey...1:3 ish)

2) add horizontal lines in thinned chaos black then add vertical lines to create the brick shape

3) add the out line of the manhole

hightlight with a 4:1 mix of codex grey/chaos black

highlight with pure codex grey

fine hightlights with fortress grey.. base the manhole cover in calthan brown

whilst the mix is still wet but almost dry add on a 2:1 mix of calthan brown and merchite red and create a 'dented texture?' ( uneven and speckeld surface?)

using a bit of foam splodge black on the cobblestones and use black lines to paint on the manhole cover,,, then give it a black wash.
with complementry wall
on wallls marines lol graffiti and bloodsplats are a good idea!
thankyou for reading i hope you found this useful!


p.s. i have now applied to the BOLS blogroll!


draven3410 said...

nice tutorial. Simple and quickish with no need to go to extra expense. nice

Fuzzbuket said...


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