Grey Knights: Unit comparison. (part 1 the power armour and the swords)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

hello again! seeing as how yesterdays GK dex comparison attracted almouts double the normal pageviews (20!) i am now doing the next segment...unit comparisons.. now i will also comapre the knightlyy part ( the =][= part with associated rant will be later)

so let us begin

5th ed nemisis weapons are a odd bunch

they are all power weapons
they are all force weapons (which all roll individuially)
thney provide either +2I, x2 strencgth, a 2++ IV IN CC, +1 IV IN CC (not normaly)
work with hammerhand/libby powers
very confusing, resolveing 20 force weapons at once is tricky!
odd abilitys: aka WTF swords and why does the stave only work in CC?!
have to be 'activated' if you are running 10 purifiers that is  a LOT of psy tests!

3rd ed nemisis weapons
pros: simple,
 athsetics can be changed
become more powerful the more powerful the unit (aka gk are just S6 but a justicars is a S6 power weapon)
awsome in CC S6 loves me!
works with the stormbolter as a pistol henceforth +1A

+2S or +1++ in CC?

so onto the actual units (only 6 we can compare)
1) grey knights  ( 5 man unit 1 incinerator,  halbards 1 sword standar GK metals)
                                        5th ed                        ]    3rd ed
points                                 135                         [            160
attacks on the charge           11                          ]               11
attacks not on the charge      6                           [               10
number of PW's                    4                           ]                1
 initiative                         6,6,6,4,4                      ]               4,4,4,4,4
Strenght                                          4                 [                   6
upgrades             force weapon                          [               bionics artifacer armour personal teleportes: the                    
                     options (see above)                      ]                       works!                                      

as you can see whilst costing slightly more the 3rd ed knigts were superior in all but anti-MEQ (fewer power weapons)  but could take down even daemon princes with the S6 weapons! oh and 5th ed can DS
proper psycannons!
2) Gk interceptor/teleport attack squads
teleport attack (3rd ed) could become  fast slots and were allowed to deep strike
interceptors could Deep strike and make a 30' shunt once per game: sadly they arent troops so the usefulness of this is merely as a flank attack. however both os these squads are at almost equal points so its really a choice of power weapons or strength!
0_0 WTF

next time: termies and heroes! (arfter that =][='s );

hope this was an intresting read,


p.s. i would like to beat  each months hits record so we need over 10 views a day for the rest of april! come on! we can do it!


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