Grey knights! comparison 3rd/5tth ed

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

okay due ro lack of camera i have decided to comapre the 2 Gk dexes

okay ( note this is foucusing on the codex as a whole and not just  the ruels)

1) cover- that first piece is waht will make you love the dax or hate it
5th ed:  a trio of knight hold the fray in the eye of terror: filled with movement: good quality if slightly boring. some parts  (daemons back/ stormbolter look a wee bit sloppy)

3rd ed: WOW;a younger corteaz striding through skulls in the eye, with a cheruibim behind him and a eeire procession of hooded acoulytes behind, looking closley even the firestorm of the eye has mouths eyes and toungs! fantasatic artwork and detailed and motion filled too!
5th ed 7/10
3r ed 10/10
2) fluff
5th ed lots of it, detailed and awsome if not a bit fanboyish!, theier are a few inconsituencies (e.g. dragio trapped m'katchen in a city , yet stern fights him at the same time?!) also alot of horrible fluff murder ( xenos inquisitors, karazmov with the GK, arcoflangellants with GK, JOKEarooo)

3rd ed: not much but AWSOME! all of it is fantastic, and not at all fanboyish! with cool quoteboxes and lots of extra info (thorians ect) as well as a lot of short stories, begging to be played out in miniture (aka whats funner to  play:  dragio burning nurgles  garden OR 
' inquisitor consadine rose from his concealment and charged into the crowd, smashing them aside with thunderous strikes with his blessed hammer. they scattered befor him, crushed and broken as he fought his way torwards medrethax. he would only get one chance to stop the sorcere's master from manifesting. he must not fail.'
also the fluff is fantastic and not at all 'if bill drops the hammer everyone dies, but hey im matt ward'

5th ed 6/10 (some good some terrbible and far too much hersy!)
3rd ed 9/10 (all awsome but not much of it)
3) art

5th ed: some exceptional pieces  but some horrendus (aka GK in MK 8 power armour) pieces. and some (DRAgio) where the scale is off and the gk is no-where to be seen and a lot is in the odd cartoony style that emerged in the BA dex! yet there are some nice blanche pictures!

3rd Ed:  lots of classic blanche, all the drawings are perfect in visualy describing the units: and whilst some are missing art   all the art is fantastic and has a vivid sence of motion and power!

5th ed 8/10
3rd ed 9/10

4) ruels!

5th ed: balanced and fun;  some silly stuff (150pts for a palading apothecary  with banner OR 20 power weapons?!) and some fairly obvious fails (e.g. cortez is  a must for most lists and  the libby/GM/ dragio are soo good that they are going to be mandatory) ( CroWE !) (brother captain is worthless unles you are REALLY desperate for points) also some fails such as that force swords have some sort of energy shield?! but a solid dex even if it is a bit predictable. oh and a load of SOB and OX units included for exta WTF

3rd ed. small amounts of units to choose between and if you want a radical list thats : 7 units to choose from :P  and the stuff is OVERpriced a lot e.g. 25pts per marine. however it was a lot more fun than 5th ed: everyone had a S6 weapon and as your marine was more important the better the weapon got! and daemonhosts were fun in a box! with a random ability each turn: with each ability being awsome!
the only thing that comes close is the daemonblade!

5th ed: 8/10
3rd ed 6/10

piccy section

5ht ed nice: even if there is a LOT of duplicat models! and photoshop!
3rd ed okay, althpough slightly small!.

5ht ed 9/10
3rd ed 6/10

sample armies( collecting )
5th ed......
3rd ed: a nice showcase showing 3 armies (pure GK, =][= allied with SM and radicals and steel legio)

5th ed 3/10 ( i suppose the battle scences may count)
3rd ed 7/10 very short and no points values

how to paint section

5th ed // na//
3rd ed: shows you how to paint a GK to a above tt standerd and with tips on painting =][='s and tanks as well as the fantastic dreadnought.

3rd ed 8/10
5th ed 0/10
how to convert section

ooh look!
5th ed: //na//
3rd ed:  a list  of tools to use(including a bitzbox) sutible models for conversion and counts - as 0_0 as well as simple metal conversions and 2 complex inquisitor conversions!

3rd ed 9/10
5th ed 0/10

battlefields section

5ht ed: i suppose this is included in the piccy section
3rd ed  4 example boards (ruined shrine), desert including wrecked armourcast phantom (!!!!!) , daemonic gate and khorne jungle!

5th ed 4/10  (there is a lot of nice boards showcased)
3rd ed) 6/10 nice creative boards!

showcase section
5ht ed ... na but lets just say the piccy section!
3rd ed a selection of gD winners and studio favriouts: 7 models that are fantastic!!

5th ed 5/10
3rd ed 8/10
army list section
5th ed
easy to read an no confusings!
3rd ed : NA

5th ed  10/10
3rd ed 2/10 ( the book is so short you can just skip through)
extras: allies/adversaries

5th ed: none apart from crowe tax and general daemon hatred!
3rd ed: possesed orks, why armies would fight ( even GK VS SM!) and ruels for possesion and lesser daemons!!

5ht ed 4/10
3rd ed 10/10 very creative!


in total the 5th ed is a much more mainstream and balanced book whilst 3rd ed is a funn hobby addict book with added fun! and sillyness!
5th ed 8/10
3rd ed 9/10 ( too short)


p.s. writer credit
awsome duedes behind it
5th ed mattward
3rd ed : chambers phill kelly and ghrame mcneil with a few of mr.blanches models!

5th ed - 100000000/10
3rd ed 10/10


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