good/bad news!

Monday, 11 April 2011

the good news is one of the GK termis is 99% finished!

he has a warding stave (which looks really cool and is the best NMM EVAR!) and a psylincer so that he lives in CC then shoots a lot of munchies!

then there is sarge 'oreally?' named not because his irish parents couldnt spell  but becaus i cant paint eyes seriously :P
for his sword i attempted the WD tutorial on  crystal sword... it failed but he has loads of purity seals and a nifty wee conversion!

and the bad news .... i cant find the camera :(
sorry for the lack of interesting posts but im on holiday!


p.s. the innaproprateness earlier was my little brother. >:(
p.p.s silly painting tip: pokemons! yeah so i dont rush models i have a old DS and a copy of pokemons firered to play!  it works, no more rushed paintjobss!


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