GK codex review

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Grey Knight codex review
1) quality+price:
good pictures, imanginative rules and some cool stuff, nice paper and lots of colour!  sadly at £17.50 its a wee bit steep ! however it is a must for all players/painters intrested in grey knights
2) fluff!
i have a mixed opinions on this! ALL of it is well written and is cool. However there is some downsides: firstly the first few pages are rather stupid: aka grey kinght liek science but use majik alto demons use majik too'  stupid. however once you get into it is is phneomanl! many people dislike some of the stories (aka sisters getting slaughterd so thier blood can be used in a ritual) however it rarley strays form the previous fluff and is rather nice + grimdark!
the only problem is soem of the stories are 'too awsome' aka mordak surrounded by magical superhero termies that save the day, or that thawn is IMMORTAL. and the worst; (dun dun dun)
Dragio: he now lives in the eye of terror, using a bloodthirsters blade ( 0_0 )  and has burnt down most of nurgles guarden.... and daemons leave him alone cause he is too storng: sure its fun to read but its stupid and fanboyish :(
3) units/stats
all seem balanced and without cortez grey knights are always going to be outnumbered, the only problem is the cheapest unit to have guarding home base is a strike squad and giving one of them a single heavy weapon is 110pts 0_0  so your going to have to be grabbing your opponents and the middle objective and contesting that one with a purge squad :(
there are some rather neat thing in the dex such as orbital strikes being used EVERY turn and you can choose which one each turn!. DAEMON waepons (daemonblade,hellrifle and daemonhost) all are in and the daemonblade is rather charecturful and nifty! also henchmen allow you to 'field' IST's sisters and ginger monkeys as troops if you are using cortez (i can see a LOT of people using him!) and henchmen are super cool. a LOT of cool deathstars in here!
4) army flexability (aka what lists can i use: what combos are there)
unless you are using cortez its either a few grey knights or about 3 paladins. no juke you will have a TINY model count for a 1500 pt army! however with cortez you can make all sorts of fun combos and my fave : shuntmurder' aka you can pack a LR crusader and have it warp across the table unload a ton of paladins with 5 atacks and FNP into your opponents line! (oh and the LRs assault cannon is S7 and the bolters are S5!)
6) hobby section
nowhere as near as good as the old 3rd ed one (aka how to paint/convert your minis, counts as and a GD gallery) but a good gallery of painted minis (abeit thbe same 6 in diffrent camera angles)
7) overall
8/10 a solid, non cheesy codex with great background and packed with fun toys!

oh and in fuzz's painting life:

yeah im lazy i have forgotten to take pictures again :(
well my painting for today was undercoating some GK termies and have spent 3 hours on some NMM on 1 guy! and no piccys until this is over (http://thebrushbrothers.blogspot.com/2011/03/grey-knight-painting-competition.html?showComment=1301175218501#c1112076187475628031)



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