Improving your painting- and learning from your mistakes. (+motivation tips)!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Hi again

today i will bring you an artical on improving your painting- and how to motivate yourself

first off heres the sterotypical painter,gamer,hobbyist.
so you Want to have the nicest army in the store, you try hard with your painting but you dont see any improvement, and things like airbrushes, wet blending and OSL all seem complicated... very often you will get a painting slump and either a) get a painting depression 'oh theres no point. or B) spend monies on a nice chap (aka ME) to do commisions for you.
Neither of these options are very good and neither give you the warm fuzzy felling that you get when people compliment your hard work.

so heres a little thing that helps your mini painting: photos! (p.s. if you need motivation skip down to past the blood angel picture!)

There are two ways in which photos help you
1) the look, think paint method.
often you will hear people complain that the photo shows their model in a bad light and it looks nicer IRL. (yea i know i do it too :P) but actually a photo gives you the same effect as looking at a mini REALLY closely: for example:

ork nob-painted by me. (i purposely  didn't take his best angle!)
now when i look at that ork i look at it form the angles that show it in the best light, because everyone wants their hard work to look nice! however in a photo the good bits,( blood on power klaw, shoulders) are focused on just as much as the bad bits (jaw)

now if i go back i can see whats wrong and fix it, e.g. the gloved fist, the chin and black splodge on the klaw. the model will look nicer. its always good to think about what you could have done better and act on it!

another example is from the sang. priest i am painting for ebay.

sanguinary priest (on ebay soon!)
now when i look at him normally i focus on parts like the shoulders+ vials but completely missed the gold sploge on the black gun casing! now as any good painter i have gone back and fixed the gun( and forgot to photograph it ^_^)

so.. no what you say? my model is painted as well as i can and there's no errors, but im still not painting due to lack of motivation!

2) MOTIVATION! (aka the family photo of fun)

now this tip may seem blatantly obvious but clever!
at some point during our hobby we will inevitably get stuck with  a bunch of models that arnt going to get painted (e.g. the rest of the SH stealers arfter painting the first 200000 :P, the starter orks, skull pass gobbos e.g. )

well dont ebay them keep a handful for ..... MOTIVATION!
paint one say in octobre 2009, one in 0ctobre 2010 and one in january 2011

e.g. stealer family

ugh horrible (October 2009)
november 2009 : slightly better but still terrible

ocobtobre 2010

november 2010 MUCH better! (but worse photo!:P)

so what did i learn.. not much but it gave me a huge confidence boost and that got me painting faster than before! 
also if a project gets posponed look as well!
first vulture pilot: painted decembre 2010

WIP pilot painted yesterday (march 2011)

even little things like this go a long way and lining these two together made me *ahem*


Now take your new army s into you FLGS and recive nice happy compliments!
put these 2 tips together dont be afraid to try something new !
thanks for reading! -fuzz 


i hope you paint nicer in the future! if you want to have your work featured on FMM or want a hand with painting or even for commisions (ive got to stop this self promotion!:P) send me(fuzzbuket)  a PM at the BOLS lounge! 
p.s.s gaah this article deleted itself 1/2 way through and the window closed .. thankyou blogger autosave!


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